Frequently Asked Questions

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The TimerCap is the simplest and most effective way to track medication usage. Below are answers to the most common questions we’ve been asked about this wonderful product.

  • What was the Rx TimerCap designed to do?

    The Rx TimerCap was designed to help with patient medication management to make sure prescription medication is taken as the doctors prescribe. The Rx TimerCap helps alleviate the confusion that comes with medication management and has proven to improve patient medication adherence by more than 33%.

  • How does the Rx TimerCap work?

    The Rx TimerCap has a built in LCD timer that is activated when the cap is put on a container. At that moment, a sensor detects the container and a built-in battery energizes the LCD display and the timing circuitry. Like a stopwatch, the display on the cap counts-up, first the seconds, then minutes and hours since the cap was replaced. When you open the cap to take your pills, the display shuts off and the timing circuitry resets back to zero.

  • Does the Rx TimerCap have an alarm in it?

    No, since the LCD timer counts up, it automatically shows you the time since your medication was last opened. This makes it easy to use since there are no alarms to program, no buttons to press and no instructions to read. It also allows the Rx TimerCaps to be used on medications taken on any schedule.

  • Why doesn’t the cap have an alarm in it?

    The problem with alarms is that they increase complexity and we wanted to keep things simple and easy. They can also create liability and increase the likelihood of making errors if they are incorrectly programmed or put on medication taken on a different interval. The label has always told you how often to take your medication, now the Rx TimerCap tells you how long it has been.

  • How long does the battery last?

    The battery is designed to operate the cap so it will last at least one year in continuous operation or even longer in standby mode. Batteries in some caps (such as the ones we ship through our website) are replaceable. Click on the image below for more information and images on which Rx TimerCaps have replaceable batteries and instructions on how to replace them.

    Changing Battery in Timer Cap D Style

  • Is the Rx TimerCap Child-Proof?

    Rx TimerCaps are available as both Child-Resistant Closures (CRC) and EZ-TwistTM (non-CRC) configurations. As wear and tear occurs through normal use, it is recommended that Rx TimerCaps and vials be replaced after 12 months of use to maintain their child resistant functionality.


  • Are the caps reusable?

    The caps were designed to be disposable, both to keep the cost down and to avoid cross-contamination with different medications. Getting a fresh cap with each medication helps avoid any cross contamination.

  • Why can’t I see the time on the screen?

    To maximize the functional life of the caps, the display is designed to “sleep” when the caps have not been opened for more than 100 hours. The display will automatically reactivate as soon as the cap is opened and closed, which resets the timer.

  • Will the Rx TimerCap fit the vial/bottle my pharmacy uses?

    Rx TimerCaps sold on our website all come with vials (unless otherwise specified), along with a blank medication information label so you can transfer key information to the container we supply giving you a complete solution. Otherwise, since vials come in many styles, so do Rx TimerCaps. Click on the image below to learn more about the various vials used by pharmacies and options to order Rx TimerCaps that fit the vials your favorite pharmacy uses.


  • Where do Rx TimerCaps come from?

    Rx TimerCaps are made of several components including a proprietary electronic module and injection molded, BPA free plastic made under the supervision of our American team in China. All packaging components and final assembly, inspection and quality control is done in the USA. For more information on our manufacturing partners go to our About page.

  • How long does it take to ship?

    Please allow 3 – 5 business days to process your order. At that time all domestic orders are shipped First Class Mail through the United States Postal Service.

  • Do you ship internationally?

    International shipping costs are calculated on a case by case basis. Contact us directly for more information.

  • How do I clean/take care of my Rx TimerCaps?

    Clean with damp cloth. Do NOT immerse in water.

  • How do I order the Rx TimerCap?

    You can order the Rx TimerCap online by clicking HERE, choosing your quantity and filling out the payment and shipping information. Alternatively, you can call us during normal business hours at: 800 557-3470.

  • How do I know if the Rx TimerCap will fit my pharmacy bottle?

    There are many different vial sizes and even different thread types which makes it impossible to have a “one cap fits all” option. When you buy Rx TimerCaps directly from us, we also include the vials (along with a blank label).

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Tips for Managing Your Medicine to Improve Your Adherence and Health

  • Download the TimerCap App - Free

    Download the Timer Cap App from the Apple Store

    This allows alarms, caregiver alerts, reports, history and best of all piece of mind knowing your on track. The app also connects to the iSort and iCap, wirelessly and connects pill boxes and caps that automatically update the app without any additional buttons to press.

  • Integrate the regimen into your daily life

    Fit your meds into your life instead of structuring your life around your meds.

  • Keep a checklist

    Make a daily checklist of the pills you have to take and the times you should take them. Check off each dose after it is taken. This will help avoid missed or double doses.

  • Use a beeping alarm

    Use a beeping watch or timer to remind you when a dose is due.

  • Put dosage times into your daily planner

    Just like an appointment, add your medication doses into your daily planner to remind you when a dose is due.

  • Plan ahead for traveling, refills and weekends

    Pack your meds and keep them with you when traveling. Keep in mind that your schedule may change while on vacation, and you will need to adjust how you take your meds. Also, plan ahead for your refills. Don’t wait until you are out to call your pharmacy to order a refill. Give the pharmacy a minimum of three days to get your refills ready.

  • Keep a diary

    Write down successes as well as failures to remind you what has worked and what has not. Record missed doses to identify times or doses that need to be worked on to improve adherence.

  • Use a TimerCap®

    Know exactly how much time has passed before taking your medicine.

    Additional tools (including checklists and a daily SMS text-reminder) to help patients are available online at