Medisafe and TimerCap Give the Gift of Health They Will Remember

BOSTON, Nov. 21, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Medisafe®, the leading personalized medication management platform with almost three and a half million patient and caregiver registered users, and TimerCap™, manufacturer of millions of medication reminder caps, announced today that the first product in the iConnect suite, the  iCap™, is available for shipping at The iCap package, which comes in a two-pack, retails for $39.95 and includes free domestic shipping.

The iCap is a wireless Bluetooth cap for prescription pill bottles that works in conjunction with the Medisafe app and allows patients and caregivers to accurately track when pill bottles are opened as a means to determine whether medications are taken or missed.

Until now, Medisafe relied primarily on user responses to in-app notifications to determine whether they took their medications. The iCap adds another way to validate and record this information, which gives both users and their Medfriends – loved ones who serve as caregivers on Medisafe – greater comfort when determining if medications were taken as prescribed. The iCap can also alert a user and a Medfriend if the cap is opened at the incorrect time, which can help prevent incorrect dosing and accidental overdoses.

Setting up an iCap is simple. After adding a medication to the Medisafe app, a user is prompted to “pair” the cap (and associated bottle) with Medisafe. There are no buttons to press; when a Medisafe user opens the cap, Medisafe is automatically updated with which medication was taken with a time stamp.

“Medisafe iConnect is the most complete technology solution for non-adherence to date. Combining state of the art Bluetooth-enabled hardware and the world’s leading and scientifically proven adherence platform, this new category of products is affordable and accessible to patients across the globe,” said Jon Michaeli, EVP Marketing & Business Development for Medisafe. “Without distribution and payer reimbursement concerns that have prevented other products from achieving scale, we are able to reach the mass market with a solution that truly ensures patients never miss another dose.”

“TimerCap and Medisafe came together with a breakthrough in quality, price, robustness and approachable technology to meet the needs and concerns of patients, caregivers, pharmacists, pharmacy benefit managers, distributors, payers, healthcare systems and pharmaceutical companies ,” said Larry Twersky, CEO TimerCap LLC.

Each iCap package includes:

  • Two child resistant iCap wireless pill caps
  • Two standard size prescription pill bottles
  • Color coded iCap top to distinguish one medication from another
  • An easily-replaceable coin cell battery designed to last up to 12 months (depending on usage)

To order an iCap, visit For more information about Medisafe or TimerCap, please and respectively. To download the standalone Medisafe app for iOS or Android go here.

About Medisafe

Medisafe is a personalized medication management platform addressing all major causes of non-adherence. Far more than a pill reminder app, Medisafe is a cloud-based platform that personalizes content, resources and interventions — such as educational videos, coupons and motivational messages — based on each user’s regimen, condition and specific circumstance.  Medisafe fosters collaboration between patients, their loved ones and healthcare professionals through caregiver tools and reports, and helps the care continuum reduce avoidable hospital admissions and sustain quality care initiatives. Medisafe three million patient and caregiver users who have recorded over 370 million successful medication doses on their iOS and Android smartphones and tablets and contributed 125,000 user reviews that average 4.5 out of 5 stars in the App Store and Google Play app stores.

About TimerCap LLC

TimerCap LLC is a leading innovator of easy and effective medication compliance packaging solutions to address poor medication adherence. TimerCap makes it simple to stay on top of medication schedules by replacing traditional prescription vial caps with a reusable simple cap incorporating a built-in digital timer. TimerCap’s iConnect line is a new Bluetooth connected product line including iCap and iSort, which are connected compliance devices that store and record medication consumption, allow relevant reminders, and escalating alerts which can be shared with authorized loved ones and caregivers to ensure critical medications are taken on-time.

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