TimerCaps are a patented simple and effective way to manage medication in the bottle they are dispensed in.   This keeps safety information handy in case of emergencies. TimerCap’s built-in stopwatch and patented activation makes it tamper-resistant. So you will know when to take your next dose or if someone has been into your medication to the exact minute that it happened.  This simple solution has been proven to help people take their medication as prescribed by up to 33%.  It’s one simple change, that changes everything. 

Whether or not you use TimerCaps on your medication. Below are the six steps for safety when opioids or any medication is in the house.  Most locking solution provides a deterrent against theft if they are used properly every time. The challenge is most patients are not consistent in locking or use a code the family is already familiar with, providing a false sense of security and no protection against the patient accidentally double dosing.  TimerCaps provide five of the six needed safety precautions needed when opioids or other dangerous medication is in the house.  

We invite you to learn more about the benefits of TimerCaps for preventing opioid abuse, helping people take their medication on-time, and the most meaningful marketing healthcare, pharmaceutical, pharmacies, and abuse preventions organizations can hand out.   Contact us to learn more about how our products can assist you or a caregiver,  as well as help manage your vitamin and supplement needs.  Simple to use with life-enhancing benefits to offer.

Check out our new innovative patented iCap and partnering with Medisafe to produce – a cutting-edge smart Cap with a built-in Bluetooth technology which connects with your mobile device to send notifications to you and your loved ones.  This product will revolutionize how we monitor and care for our loved ones, and will bring peace of mind to the health of a loved one.

  • Built-in LCD Timer
  • Works like a stopwatch
  • Foolproof and simple
  • No alarms to program
  • No buttons to press
  • No instructions to read
  • Fits most prescription bottles
  • Never forget your medication again!

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  • BEST Inventions

    This is one of the very BEST inventions I have ever seen. I cannot tell you how many times these caps have saved me from either missing a dose, or more importantly, double dosing. If only this was thought of earlier I bet it would have saved patients some discomfort or even their life! I honestly do not think I could do without these now – to me, they are a lifesaver and I will be purchasing more of these caps whenever needed. Excellent product!

    - Andrew A
  • Less to Worry About

    My father came home from the hospice to spend his last days with us. I never realized how complicated just giving him the medicine on-time would be. Between me and my sisters we had to keep track of when my father last took his medication. Rx Timer Cap did that for us. It was one less thing to worry about.” Pat G., Michigan

    - Pat G