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Our Mission

Imagine… a healthier America, a better quality of life for you and your family, relief from worrying if your sick child or aging parents are taking their medications as needed. Well today there is finally a real solution for the number one biggest problem in healthcare today. A solution where every stakeholder including, Providers, Pharmacies, Pharma, Payers AND Patients benefit.

Poor Medication Adherence Is the #1 Problem in Healthcare Today

According to the World Health Organization, more than 125,000 deaths each year in the USA alone are attributed to patients not taking their medications as directed. Poor patient medication adherence is also the primary reason seniors are admitted early into assisted living facilities, prematurely losing their independence, and is also the cause of more than $300 billion in increased healthcare costs and more than $200 billion in lost pharmaceutical revenue. Quite simply, the problem is that less than 50% of patients take their medications as directed, with the biggest cause for that being forgetfulness. Why? Because patients have had no way to know if or when they’ve missed a dose… until now!

It’s a Problem We’re Personally Committed to Solving, One Patient at a Time

Take for example our simple TimerCap, with its built-in LCD stopwatch timer. This simple cap has been proven to lift adherence by more than 33% on its own and by more than 100% when used in conjunction with other initiatives such as appointment based refill and medication synchronization programs.

By making the TimerCap available to customers, our partners help educate patients to the importance of taking their medications on time, while offering a simple tool that’s been proven to help resolve the challenges of medication adherence. This improvement has been repeatedly shown to result in exponentially better healthcare outcomes and at lower costs; truly a positive ROI combination.

With millions of TimerCaps in distribution, we’re already making profound, lifesaving improvements in peoples lives just by helping them be aware of when they last took their medication. One simple change that changes everything.

And That’s Only The Beginning!

We are introducing state-of-the-art “Connected Compliance Devices” to our family of solutions. Our innovative iCap and iSort – a cutting-edge Smart Cap and medication sorter, both feature built-in Bluetooth technology allowing them to connect with the smart mobile devices we’re already using. They’ll bring the revolutionary new world of the Internet of Things (IoT) into our daily lives of personal healthcare. You’ll be able to know in real time, not only when you should be taking your medications but whether mom and dad took their medications, and if it was on time or not – even if you’re traveling or they live thousands of miles away. Patients will be able to reorder medications when they need them and can connect real time adherence activity with their EHRs and PHRs as well as pharmacy and caregiver databases. These new products will help bring both additional opportunities to monitor and care for patients as well as peace of mind about the health of a loved one.

We welcome you now to contact us to learn more about how you as well as your customers, can benefit from Rx TimerCap tools, already available and proven to improve healthcare outcomes by simply empowering our medication habits because, “It’s about Time!”

Our Philosophy

We believe health is the core fundamental asset essential for every human life to be lived to its fullest potential.
We believe we can make a difference in every human life through innovations that bring better health into every home.
That true innovation is often best realized by applying simple solutions to complex problems.
We take our passion for innovation into our practice and continuing mission to leave the world better than we found it.
Our sights are on a shared vision of helping everyone achieve a better quality of life so together we can all realize our full potential and make the world a better place.