Quit Smoking!


We all know what gets measured, gets done!  Most of us, one time or another, have had experience keeping track of calories, food intake, and exercising to lose weight.  Reaching one’s goal lies with determination and consistency.   What if we had a tool that made it easier to apply those concepts to stop smoking?

As part of our campaign “Put a Lid on Smoking!”, we present to you, the TimerCap.   This perfect little cap does just that.  It is a stopwatch on top of a bottle which holds a pack of cigarettes, lighter, pencil, and tracker.

Smoking habits are complex and include physical, emotional, behavioral and social components that makes it difficult to quit. The TimerCap Smoking Cessation Kit brings those components to the forefront, so the smoker can access how to tackle each obstacle and results in a better chance to reach a permanent solution.  The Kit is a perfect addition to any cessation program by providing a foolproof tool for people to stop unconsciously smoking and notice the duration between smokes while tracking why they are smoking so they can choose long-term success.

We are so sure that you will love this product, these kits can be customized with an organization’s pertinent information and logo to double as a useful calling card or handed-out with a existing smoking cessation program.